At Good Morning Tyres, we use cutting edge technology to ensure that your vehicle gets the best professional wheel alignment services.
Imaging Alignment Technology
   The V3D is a revolutionary invention in the area of alignment technology - faster, easier to use, more accurate and all based on true 3D measurements.
The John Bean V3D measurement is based on the wheel spindle of the vehicle for better accuracy and stability.
  • Camera Measurement System - 2 cameras working with 4 wheel targets, live measurements
  • Wheel Target - Passive targets, no cables, no sensitive electronics
  • Calibration - No calibration of wheel targets, no run-out compensation during alignment measurements, total system accuracy
  • Software System - Easy operation, basic alignment reading under 2 minutes
  • Maintenance - Low maintenance
  • Key Customers - Approved by most automobile and tyre companies
Compared to the traditional aligner, the John Bean Ultra V3D has no electronic sensor head, no toe sensor, no tilt sensor, no requirement for a level lift, no requirement for periodic calibration, no run-out compensation, while maintaining total accuracy and reliability.

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