This fully-synthetic 5W-40 oil reduces fuel consumption and provides optimum performance even under extreme operating conditions. With its wide viscosity range, thermal stability and rapid oil delivery, Liqui Moly Synthoil High Tech protects hard-working engines against wear--especially during cold starts. Tested with catalytic converters and turbochargers for maximum reliability and lowered emissions, this all-season oil will improve performance and extend engine life in your everyday car or truck.


Until a few years ago, vehicles with soot particulate filters were still more or less the exception on the roads in Germany. In 1999, Peugeot was the first vehicle manufacturer to fit the various diesel engine vehicles with soot particulate filters. Although it was still considered at that time to be somewhat exotic and by some industry connoisseurs to be impracticable, today some reputable German manufacturers have already joined the trend by offering vehicles with innovative and, in particular, pollution-free technology. Thus, the Motor oil certificate of approval 229.31 from Mercedes-Benz, for example, stipulates that the sulfate-ash in motor oil must be reduced sufficiently to minimize or almost eliminate the impairment of soot particulate filters. The new LIQUI MOLY TOP TEC 4100, LIQUI MOLY’s latest development with its special additive formulation satisfies this approval and is therefore also suitable for European Standard IV engines.
This is so, not least, because the system which was formerly so maintenance-intensive now, some years after its introduction, requires significantly less maintenance and motor oil manufacturers such as LIQUI MOLY working in close collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers have been supporting the 'Low Ash' technology and have enabled the technology to become well established on the market.
LIQUI MOLY TOP TEC 4100 represents a mixture of unorthodox, synthetic-based, base oils using the latest additive technology. These additives are an important factor in enabling the oil to produce a clean exhaust. The oil protects the engine against wear, not least because of its excellent oil penetration speed, even at low temperatures. Oil-change intervals up to 30,000 km can be achieved, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.


Top Tec 4200 5 W-30

is a state-of-the-art all-season HC synthetic motor oil for gasoline and diesel-powered passenger cars including vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter in accordance with the Euro 4 emissions standard and extended maintenance intervals. Beside the universal usance in vehicles from the Audi/VW group (except TDI-Engines R5 and V10 before MY 06.2006) also suitable for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault etc. The combination of unconventional base oils using HC synthetic technology, together with the latest additives, guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and reduces oil and fuel consumption, while ensuring fast oil penetration of the engine. As such, oil change intervals of up to 30,000/50,000 km (or every 2 years for low mileage drivers) are possible as per the manufacturer's specifications.

CERA TEC is a high-tech ceramic wear protection product for all motor oils. CERA TEC reduces friction and wear due to ceramic compounds that withstand extremely high chemical and thermal loads. Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus increasing the engine service life. The low-friction effect reduces fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel engines. Sufficient for 5 liters of motor oil.

Liqui Moly Engine Flush


Removes oil sludge.

• Removes harmful deposits and residues.
• Keeps oil screens and sprayers free of blockages.
• Prevents oil starvation to working parts

Liqui-Moly Engine Flush Plus cleans the engine by allowing solid and liquid contaminants to freely drain with the “old” engine oil. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. Safe and effective for turbocharged and supercharged engines engine seals, gaskets and bearings.

For engines that have exceeded service intervals, are highly contaminated or are high performance ENGINE DETOX is recommended.

Liqui Moly Mos2


• Substantially reduces wear & extends engine life.
• Less heat, smooth running, reduced fuel consumption.
• Enhances the life of engine oil and oil treatments.
• Perfected for engines used in high load applications like extended towing and full throttle driving conditions.

Liqui-Moly MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment forms a high load-bearing film on all wearing components which significantly reduces friction, heat and wear. MOS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) is renowned for its very low co-efficient of friction and ability to “cling” to surfaces even under extreme conditions. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LP gas engines, safe and effective for all turbocharged and supercharged engines. Can be used in new cars from first oil change, and is effective for the entire period the treated oil is being used in the engine.

Liqui Moly Injection Cleaner
More engine power and less fuel consumption.
• Smoother idling and better throttle response.
• Restores fuel delivery to address pinging and detonation issues.

Liqui-Moly Fuel Injection Cleaner removes carbon and other deposits from an engines fuel lines, fuel system components, intake track, injectors, valves, combustion chamber and spark plugs.

Liqui Moly 10w60 Race Tech GT1

The Liqui-Moly Synthoil Race Tech GT1 10W-60 is modern, fully synthetic, high performance engine oil formulated for use in four-stroke engines under extreme load.

The combination of synthetic base oils and modern additive technology satisfies the requirements of the latest engine designs. This oil optimizes engine performance. It provides immediate lubrication during cold starting and significantly improved wear protection.

The Lubro-Moly Super Diesel Additive is suitable for both gas and diesel engines with and without turbocharging.

Especially suitable for extreme engine requirements and racing

Fine-tuned to the demands of the latest generation power units


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