Toyo Proxes c1s
Proxes C1S is the new premium tire designed for powerful and luxurious saloon cars. It's high speed stability, quiet and comfortable ride meet the requirements of these prestigious vehicles.

Proxes C1S also benefits from a low Rolling Resistance improving fuel economy and contributing to a clean environment.

Toyo Proxes R1R
The Proxes R1R is extreme performance for serious street driving in sports coupes and sedans.
Developed from years of grueling on-track experience and engineered to elevate performance standards, it allows capabilities beyond normal driving limitations. An aggressive, arrowhead tread design, extra wide footprint, high-grip compound, and advanced autocross-inspired casing design, provide every advantage while driving hard through the corners and quickly accelerating in the straight-aways.

Toyo Proxes R888
Ideal for road racing, track days and high performance driving schools, the Proxes R888 is the next-generation, street legal competition tyre from Toyo Tires. In competition, the R888's improvements in casing and tread design improve dry performance while maintaining wet traction and control.

Toyo Proxes T1R
The Proxes T1R is an ultra-high performance tyre designed exclusively for high-end sport sedans and coupes. The Proxes T1R features a refined tread design and construction that offers improved dry and wet handling and performance. A wide range of szies are available in V, W and Y speed ratings.

Toyo TEO Plus
The TEO Plus is a premium touring tyre developed for sporty coupes, sedans and station wagons.
The TEO Plus is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride, and long tread life with excellent wet braking performance.

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