Bridgestone Dueler H/P 680
The Dueler H/P 680 is Bridgestone's flagship product in the 4x4 range. It provides on-road 4x4 enthusiasts with a top performance level normally attributed to ultra high performance passenger car tyres. Its very aggressive unidirectional and state-of-the-art pattern design ensures maximum wet performance and sporty handling anytime, on the highways and secondary roads.
Tyre wear gradually reduces performance, due to hardening of the tread compound, particularly on wet surfaces.
This is why Bridgestone developed breakthrough  technology that reduces rubber hardening and helps maintain more consistent performance in the wet over the whole life of the tyre.

Bridgestone Turanza AR10
The Turanza AR10 featuring Bridgestone's AQ DONUTS II tyre technology, provides a superb balance between comfort and safety.
Its modern tread pattern and casing design delivers enhanced manoeuvrability, a comfortable ride and excellent water evacuation which reduces risk of hydroplaning.
The Turanza AR10 is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most passenger cars.

Bridgestone RE 001
Own the street with Adrenalin Potenza RE001 high performance tyres. The foundation of high performance driving is high level stability. The Adrenalin Potenza RE001's broader ground contact area delivers more steering information from the tyres. With better straight line stability, front/rear balance and faithful rear tyre tracking, the result is greater control giving drivers more options in varying conditions.

Bridgestone GR-80

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